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2015-06-23 05:59:33

Inhibit scale formation, slime and corrosion across the UK with the Suprion water treatment device

The SUPRION is a result of many years research and development with unique design features and long term operating benefits in respect of effective hard water scale control, together with slime suppression and corrosion in water distribution systems.

The SUPRION Scale Inhibitor Device

Hard Water Issues

The SUPRION will effectively inhibit potentially expensive and inconvenient essential hard water related maintenance problems or premature equipment replacement as a result of scale accumulation.

A completely carbon-neutral, eco-friendly method of scale inhibition

Wide Ranging Applications

The SUPRION is available in a standard progressive range of sizes from 10 (3/8") to 450mm (18") diameter for wide ranging domestic and commercial applications, including models specifically designed for electrically heated appliances and Silica control.

Minimum 10 years operation guaranteed